Seven ways to kick this week’s ass.


I know, I know.  There wasn’t one last week.  You survived, though, right?  Things have been extremely hectic, and they are only going to get more so the next couple of weeks.  I’m currently staying at my parent’s house out in the sticks and they don’t have Internet.  I know, I know.  That said, I’ve been having to make frequent visits to joints like Starbucks and Panera to get work done, and one of my best friends, Ashley, has been letting me stay with her.  I have lots of news to update you on, but that’s going to have to save itself for another time.  No more excuses.  Let’s get to to point, shall we?

Happy Sunday!  It’s rainy and dreary here, but no matter.

  • Be chivalrous.  I’m just going to go out and say it.  I look like a weirdo.  I’ve got metal sticking out of my face, I have brightly colored hair and I’m covered with tattoos.  Folks from older generations don’t seem to show a lot of kindness towards “my kind.”  I generally go over and above to open doors for people, help people pick up things they’ve dropped, etc.  I feel like alternative looking individuals somewhat have a bad rap based on their appearance, so I try to be as kind as possible to strangers (especially little old ladies at the post office) to kind of de-bunk that judgement, if you will.  You should be kind no matter what, really, but that’s my story.
  • Ditch that Dirty Mood (shameless plug).  What was once available as an e-download about a year ago is now edited and printed in zine format!  50 ways to ditch that dirty mood.  If you’re having a blue day, this may be just the kick you need to put a dent in that mindset.
  • Say “So what?!”  Although Tyra Banks isn’t an idol of mine or anything, I think her “So What?” campaign in a good thing.  Basically it was designed to teach people to stop hating their bodies and accept themselves as they are.  Stomach hang over your pants?  SO WHAT?  Insecure about your big feet?  DO WHAT?!  Stop standing in front of the mirror, sulking and practicing self pity.  Fist bump the reflection instead and say, “My thighs are too ‘fat?’ SO WHAT?!”
  • When someone asks how you are, tell them you are amazing.  Or incredible.  Or fantastic.  It’s typically routine that someone asks “How are you?,” a typical response of “Good, you?” is given.  No more.  Whenever someone asks how I am, I smile really big and say, “I am doing amazing!  How are you on this fine day?”  People are generally thrown off guard, because it’s not the answer they were expecting.  People always smile.  Sometimes people ask why.  I just tell them, “It doesn’t make sense to be any other way.”
  • Write a haiku.  Leave it on your boss’ desk.
  • Be the first to say hello.  Say hello to classmates or coworkers, and do so with a smile.
  • Learn seven knock knock jokes.  Tell one every day this week.  Tell them to the person standing next to you in line.  Call your grandma and call her one.  Just learn seven jokes and spread some laughter.   Not sure how appropriate this would be to Gma (or if she would even get it, for that matter), but one of the funniest knock knock jokes I know is, “Knock Knock.”  “Who’s there?”  “I eat mop.”  “I eat mop who?”  Are you laughing?  Because I am.
I hope your week rules.  Thanks for dropping by.  xx

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  1. This is one of my favorite “7 ways to kick this weeks ass!” i’m so excited to tell every one around me a knock knock joke…. especially THAT one!!! xD

  2. I love the suggestion about being kind. I don’t ‘look’ like a subversive, but I’m definitely known for it among friends, acquaintances, and Twitter followers. Being such, I attract many other subversive, liberal, radical type people–many of whom are so, so angry and so consumed by their anger that they forget to be kind (and optimistic, for that matter!). I like to try to approach life never forgetting that we’re all subject to human frailty.

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