Seven ways to kick this week’s ass!


Don’t chase away the sun if you don’t want the rain.  If you don’t want negative things in your life, don’t chase away the positive aspects.  Don’t murk up the water when it’s clear (no matter how bored you are).

  • Be enthusiastic at other’s success.  Often, we tend to dwell on emotions such as envy or jealousy regarding other’s success.  This is, in fact, extremely counterproductive in manifesting your own success.  Know that it is possible to bring in the big bucks, succeed on various projects, or make an impact in this world (and the means are obviously out there) – it just may not be your time.  Be happy for others, as your chance will come along soon enough.
  • Smile.  All day.  Every day.  Smile until your cheeks hurt at the end of the day.  Smile at strangers you pass on the street.  Smile at the barista when picking up your morning coffee.  Smile at your boss when you walk into work.  Smile at the person you don’t get along with very well.  Smile when you’re alone.  Smile at your reflection in the mirror.

  • Practice patience.  Nix your road rage.  Chill out if you’re caught waiting in a long line.  Getting upset and angry isn’t going to hurry things along.  You’ll be waiting the same amount of time, but it will be less enjoyable because you’ll be annoyed or frustrated.  Smile instead.
  • Everything you think you become.  All the more reason to be aware of your thoughts.  Think positive and abundant thoughts.
  • “You can’t see the center of the web because you’re standing on it.” I don’t need brighter days by Atmosphere.  Distance allows you to see things more clearly.  If you’re struggling with something, perhaps you’re standing too close to it.  Take a step back.  Looking at the situation objectively and as a whole is sure to help.
  • Compliment ten people.  Every single day.  Whether it be a stranger on the street, your spouse, child, best friend or co-worker, drop them a compliment.  They could need one today more than ever, and you could be the light at the end of their dark tunnel.

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