Giveaway Winner and Traveling news!


I will be out of town for a bit, taking a mini hiatus!  I am going to Richmond, VA to spend some time with my amazing girlfriend, then to Seattle, WA to visit my best friend!  It should be an incredibly eventful few weeks and I am super stoked to take a break and get to spend time in new places with good company!

Orders must be placed by 3PM today (Wednesday, July 20).  I won’t have access to The Radical Uprise merch while I’m traveling, so act now!  I will, however, be back in town on Wednesday, July 27th and may be able to ship orders then, but I make no promises!  All orders placed after 3PM today will resume shipment on Tuesday, August 9.  I apologize for the inconvenience, but it is what it is.  (;

That said, GO SHOPPING!  Wouldn’t it be nice if orders kept flowing in while I was away?  (;

Congratulations to Melissa, who was the winner of the Chomsky book giveaway!  Melissa, an e-mail has been sent to collect your mailing address!  (:  Thanks to everyone who commented!



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