The Radical Uprise Giveaway: CHOMSKY For Beginners.


It’s been a while.  (;  Like I stated a few posts ago, I’m overwhelmed by life right now, so I’ve been a little MIA from the site.  My three week hiatus isn’t going to help the matter, but I’m hoping I’ll be somewhat active during my time out of town.  (;  You don’t want to hear excuses, do you?  You just want free shit, right?

Let’s get to it.  Today I’m going to be giving away CHOMSKY For Beginners.  While it just brushes the surface of what Noam Chomsky is about, it’s a great starter book if you’re interested in his work and are looking for a quick history brief of where he came from and what he’s known for.  It’s an extremely easy read, with a “comic book” style.  I think I brushed through it in a day when I read it.

No purchase necessary.  No reblogging, retweeting or sharing with friends.  No need to pay for shipping.  What do you need to do?

  • Comment this post. That’s all you have to do.  No amount of begging will up your chances, as the drawing will be 100% randomly generated.  Be sure to include your e-mail address so I can contact the winner and get your mailing address.
  • Pass it on. It would be super rad if you came back to the original article and contacted another people who commented and ship it off to them, but it’s your choice, really.  Just keep it going.  Try to finish the book within a month and give it away.

Comment on this article for your chance to win. A winner will be chosen and announced on Tuesday.  Deadline to comment: MONDAY, July 18 2011.

Sorry, international buddies – this contest is only available to United States and Canada folks at this time, due to shipping costs.  I still love ya! xx


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  1. That would actually be helpful to me. I’ve read snippets of Chomsky here and there, and it’s always made me go “I really need to read more of this.” But then I get stuck on where to start and then I get frustrated, and pffft, I forget about it until I read another snippet. And so goes the I’m-not-really-reading-Chomsky cycle. This is a brilliant idea, though…the passing-it-on part. Nice. I’d totally pass it on. =)

  2. I have plenty of friends who would like to read this book along with myself so it would most definately get passed on, not to mention my friend and I are starting on a comic so maybe it will give us some inspiration 🙂

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