Do you inspire you?


What inspires you?  Why do you do the things you do?  Wear the things you wear?  Make the kind of music you make?  I’m curious what inspires YOU.

Yesterday at Second Sunday on Main, I absolutely loved talking to people.  I’m a pretty social person, and everyone knows I’m pretty wrapped up in social networking, but there’s something so much more gratifying when you get out in the “real world.”  It was great to set up a booth and greet people who walked by.  This was the first time I’ve ever taken my zines to a show or festival, so it was a nice experience.  Many people didn’t even know what a zine was, and others were stoked to see that someone else was a zinester.  My first customer bought every issue I  released!  He told me he was thinking about starting his own zine about Dayton, Ohio.  I told him the great thing about zines, is it’s something you write about that you’re passionate about.  You write about the stuff you like.  Chances are, other people are going to share your interests and opinions, so you’re sure to have some interest from others, so long as you stay true!  I really hope he digs them.

I had a few people ask me what inspired me.  Where did The Radical Uprise come from?  Why do I blog?  What inspires me to make zines?  It’s simple, really.  Happiness and freedom.  Being happy inspires me.  Spreading joy and making other people happy inspires me.  The freedom of doing what I want, when I want inspires me.  When I get feedback from my readers, it inspires me to write more.  The fact that I can have such a positive impact on a single individuals’ life brings me more joy than I can express in words.  It’s incredible.

It’s messages like this that inspires me to keep doing what I do:

Dear Jetta,
You are making such an impact on my life. I have been keeping up with your blog and website and you make me want to be such a happier person. You are beautiful inside and out. I am so happy I came across you one day on Tumblr. I have been thinking about everything so differently now and I am in the best mood.  I don’t even know you on a personal level but just so you know, You are changing my life. Thank you. – A

And sometimes messages like this:

Your PMA is fucking AWESOME! I’m overcoming depression and whenever I have a bad buzz, I literally go and check out your websites and your youtube because so far, you have been the only person able to pull me out of my funk. You’re so inspirational! It’s impossible not to feel happier when I check out one of your sites, your positivity is contagious.  Please keep it up FOREVER! I owe a ton of my current happiness to your positive influence.

And like this:

I’m so inspired by you ! I check your blog everyday because your lust for life and positivity is so uplifting for me. I’m battling depression at the moment, taking anti-depressants and discovering you has made such an impact on my life. I feel hopeful now, more creative, I’m slowly gaining back hope that maybe there is a future for me. I feel like I can actually enjoy life and be happy doing what I love. I read The Radical Uprise too and it puts me in a more positive frame of mind every time. I honestly can’t thank you enough, you’ve given me hope like nobody else in the entire world has been able to do.

Or even small, simple ones like this:

I love your “seven ways to kick this week’s ass”. Your tips make life a lot more enjoyable. Thank you for being so inspiring, Jetta!

I love it.  Though I may not have the time to respond to each message individually, please be aware that I do read them, and your kind words warm my heart. ❤

Positive feedback inspires me.  Seeing people smile inspires me.  Making people happy inspires me.  Happiness and joy and freedom and love and gratitude inspires me.  Creating tangible goods that people can carry with them (or wear on them) brings me joy.  I love writing, and I love motivating and inspiring others.  That’s what The Radical Uprise is all about.

What about you?  What inspires you?  Share with me your favorite bloggers, zinesters or role models!  (:

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