Seven ways to kick this week’s ass!

  • Be are freegan as possible.  That’s not a typo.  This week, try not to buy any food.  I’ve been doing this the past week, and although I may have splurged on a big ass vegan cookie (or four) at Second Sunday on Main today, I’ve refrained from buying food.  Dumpster dive, barter, or be creative with what’s left in your kitchen.
  • Start and finish a book this week.  Keep reading cool!  Spend a few hours a day reading a rad book that strikes your fancy (I dig anything regarding veganism, sociology, etc).  I’m currently reading The Culture of Fear by Barry Glassner, and suggest it to anyone looking for a new, good read.
  • Send out five thank you cards.  Just because.  Send them to your friends or family, thanking them for being a part of their life.  It’s one of those little things that could really make someone’s day.
  • Day dream as often as possible.  Don’t listen to what others say.  Get your head in the clouds, and hang out for a little while.
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  • Stop apologizing (for things that don’t need it).  I think it’s human nature to say “sorry” for a lot of things that don’t even need an apology.  You’ll begin to catch yourself and realize how many times you say “sorry” throughout the day.  You may be surprised.
  • Don’t judge or jump to conclusions.  The person who cut you off at the red light may be in a rush to the hospital to see their spouse.  You can never be sure of what’s going on in anyone else’s life when you are merely an outsider.
  • “Worry makes for a hard pillow.”  If something is on your mind and disallowing you from drifting off to sleep, write it down and forget about it.
I hope your week kicks ass!  Wishing you the very best.  ❤

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