Seven ways to kick this week’s ass!


Have no fear!  I’m back on track (for now at least)!  (;

  • Allow for all possibilities.  Don’t dwell on the negative.  Expect the best – and prepare for the best.
  • Don’t attempt to solve problems when you’re in a bad mood.  Take time to relax and compose yourself.
  • Do not make excuses.  Take responsibility.  Tell the truth.  You may be surprised just how much you make up excuses for things you don’t even need to!
  • Clean up after yourself.  I am absolutely guilty of living my messes behind.  Let’s try to fix that this week, eh?
  • Get lost.  Take a road you’ve never taken/seen before.  You just may find a new short-cut or a rad peaceful little park you never knew existed.
  • Smile first thing in the morning.  Set a positive tone for the day.
I’ve got lots and lots going on – all exciting stuff of course!  (:  You’ll be updated soon – no worries.
Make this week a good one!

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