I felt inspired to write this article after texting with a close friend.  She’s found herself working two jobs (neither of which she cares too much for) and now doesn’t have enough time for herself because all she does is work!

I suppose we’ve all been there. Some of us go to school full time and carry a part-time job. Many even carry a full time job. We work forty, fifty, sixty hours a week, just trying to “make it.” We carry two, sometimes three jobs to pay the bills. I’ve been there. About two years ago, I was carrying two full time jobs, both management positions, working 80 hours a week. However, I feel like I never really got ahead. I don’t feel like I have much to show for it. Some may say that’s because some of my own irresponsibility, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about today. (;

What I have learned in my years of working – I always managed to make it.  Regardless of my financial situation, regardless of how many hours I worked, I always managed to make it.  Granted, I don’t have a mortgage or children or a hefty car payment, but I do have rent, insurance – you know – the typical bills.

Two years ago, I worked as a cosmetician forty hours a week, and was an assistant manager at cap store forty hours a week.  I didn’t have a single day off, and on Mondays, I worked from 5AM to 9:30PM.  It was absolutely ridiculous.  I may have got a bit of my debt paid down a little bit – but I was miserable.  I feel like I missed out on so much more.  I spent so much of my time working, I didn’t ever get a chance to enjoy life.  I missed out on concerts and parties, hanging out with friends and family, and just enjoying life.  I mean, that’s what we are all here for, right?  Are we really meant to simple work, consume, work consume?  That doesn’t sound like much fun to me.

Even recently – I’m currently working part time at a grocery store maintaining the salad bar.  (Let me just note that it is by far, the most fun and entertaining job I’ve ever had – as I love my job itself as well as the individuals I work with.  (;)  I used to work full time (40 hours), but in recent months dropped down to part time.  I did this initially because I just wanted more time for me.  I wanted time to write and focus on drawing money in from my web site.  I wanted more time to hang out with my friends and my family.  I wanted to make a life instead of simply making a living.  I wanted to have fun.  Truth be told, I don’t much see a difference in my income.  Granted, I have my Etsy shop and draw in money from my website, but I’m no worse off than I was when I worked full time – AND I’ve got more time on my hands to work on the things that actually make my life fun (and bring in money in the process!).

“Each of the professions means a prejudice.  The necessity for a career forces every one to take sides.  We live in the age of the overworked, and the under-educated; the age in which people are so industrious that they become absolutely stupid.”   Oscar Wilde

The Law of Attraction teaches us that thoughts become things, and if we focus so much on our debt, we are going to attract more debt.  If we are convinced that we have to work long, hard hours to make it in this world, then by golly, we are going to have to work long, hard hours to make it in this world!  If we believe that money comes to us easily and effortlessly, the Law of Attraction will deliver.  Maintaining a negative attitude is extremely damaging.  If you’re convinced you’ve got to work hard to get ahead, you will have to work hard.  However where’s the fun in that?  I have several affirmations on my wall that state, “I am attracting money into my life right now” and “My bank balance in increasing every day.”  I am convinced that, in order to be prosperous and successful, I simply have to do what I love and put it out there for others to enjoy.  I celebrate each and every one of my sales, no matter how small or great.  I am appreciative and grateful that I have a chance to work from home and make money doing what I love.

There are two things you can do about your current situation if you’re unhappy – change it or change the way you think about it.  If you’ve got a bad attitude, and wake up dreading going into work, but do because there are so many bills that need paid, you’re going to wake up doing the same thing tomorrow, and next week, and next year, and so on.  When will it stop?  When you decide to make a change.

I know I’ve quoted Metric‘s “Handshakes” lyrics in the past, but it’s true.  “Drive to work to pay for this car / Buy this car to drive to work / Drive to work to pay for this car…”  It’s a vicious cycle.  I recently wrote an article regarding the topic, which you can read here.

Life should be FUN.  Your job is a part of you life, so that too, should be fun!  I ran across an old article from CNN – “Signs you’re stuck at a dead end job.”  If you don’t like it, change it!  I spend less time that I ever have before at a “real job,” yet still manage to pay my bills on time, go out with friends, eat well and have fun.  How does that happen?

We’re back to the same thing – It’s all in your head.  If you think you have to work fifty hours to make it, you’ll have to do so.  If you think you can make a living working part time, having fun and doing what you love – you will do just that.

As NOFX says in “The Agony of Victory,” Life’s an endless party, not a punch card.


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  1. I love this & totally agree with everything said. & I’ve been doing it! Now that I’ve actually got time and can focus on what I like I’ve been a hell of a LOTT happier and making more money than expected.

    I have kids that I want to spend time with and enjoy, they grow SO fast. I don’t see how people can live working so much and just sending them off to daycare all day. What’s the point in having kids if you’re not raising them?

    Ah reading your stuff always motivates me!

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