Seven ways to kick this week’s ass!

  • Live your life as an exclamation, not an explanation.  Simple enough.
  • When you walk into work, greet everyone with a smile.  Let the first thing that comes out of your mouth be positive and happy.  Don’t complain that you are tired.  Smile and think about how much you are going to accomplish today.
  • Have a milk shake party this week.  Invite a friend or two over, and make dreamy milk shakes and watch your favorite film.  Dairy free here, please.  (;
| Source : Unknown |
  • Attend a craft show.  Support local artists.  I actually have plans to attend one this weekend – the Crafty Super Maket, “Cincinnati’s biggest, baddest indie craft show!”
  • Sell your closet.  Get rid of the stuff you haven’t worn in years, or maybe you’ve outgrown.  I just recently starting selling my closet and it feels good to get rid of my stuff, and make a few extra bucks.  Donate it.  Sell it online.  Give it to a friend – just get it cleaned up.
  • Call an old friend.  My best friend of about fifteen years (who I haven’t spoken to in months) called me the other day, and it was an extremely enjoyable conversation – even though she called me an hour after I went to sleep.  Call during the day.  (;
  • Do it right the first time.  Don’t half-ass projects because chances are, you (or someone else) will have to go back and re-do it anyway.  Take pride in your work.
Make this week a good one.  (: xx

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