Are we having fun yet? Having fun and affirming it!


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Ever notice how there’s always those two (or seven) people at work that sarcastically ask, “Are we havin’ fun yet?”  The question alone used to make me shudder, since it’s so overused and sarcastic, and well – who really is having the time of their life at work?!  A coworker and I would always joke around and tally how many times we’d get asked this dreaded question.  In the past, when asked, my response was always a sarcastic “Oh yeah,” or “I’m at work.  What do you think?”  Then I’d sit and get annoyed, when that person probably just went on their day.

When someone asks if you’re having fun yet, SAY YES! If you are NOT having fun, START!  I started doing this several weeks months when a co-worker asked if I was “having fun yet.”  I actually wasn’t, as it’d been an extremely busy day.  I was stressed and overwhelmed and I would not describe my work experience as “fun” in the slightest.  However, I smiled and said “YES!”  He looked at me like I was an alien and replied, “Yeah right.  No one has fun at work.”  I laughed and said, “I always do.  It is what you make it.”  AND – Although I wasn’t really having fun, I decided to start.  I went back to my work station singing and dancing, and chose to have fun.  Just like that.  When people say those pesky little words, “Are we havin’ fun yet?” use them as a gentle reminder that you should be having fun!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – It’s all in your head.  The way you are feeling right now, this very second, is in your power.  If you’re feeling good, bad, sad, angry, whatever – you are the puppet master of your feelings.  Now, every day events may happen and you claim they “put you in a bad mood,” but this is not the case.  It’s how we react to the situations around us.  It’s the feeling you choose to have.  Unfavorable events are going to happen throughout the day.  Sometimes it’s inevitable.  However, when you’ve got yourself in check, and are tuned in to your feelings and emotions, you can easily decide to feel positive about the situation, instead of the default negative feeling.

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As we all know, affirmations can make the world of difference.  Incorporate them into your daily activities.  Try phrasing things like:

  • “I have so much fun when _____________!”
  • “I am having such a great time _____________!”
  • “I love being/doing _____________!”

AND SMILE.  Smile all the time.  If you’re not having fun, fake it.  Fake it ’till you make it.  It’s all about attitude, baby.  Life is what you make it – so make it fun!

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  1. Excellent point! As the person who often is sarcastic, it’s important to keep in mind that your attitude can affect those around you (in a negative way if you are being sarcastic).

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