Reason why I feel GOOD right NOW.


  • I woke up feeling GOOD!  I felt refreshed, relaxed and ready to kick today’s ass!
  • My best friend Natty is coming over!  Get our energies together – and watch out world!
  • The Radical Uprise Zine #004 is near completion!  Since last night, I’ve been working dilligently piecing it together, and I am proud to say that this is easily my favorite zine thus far!
  • I’m wearing my hair different today!  I don’t know why, it just makes me feel good!
  • I have a stack of orders to post today!  Mailing packages makes me FEEL GOOD because that means sales!
  • I’ve been reading rad blogs!  I got turned onto Hello, Amber! (and she just posted a cool girl-hate article) a few months ago and I just started checking out Miss Teen Ohio.
  • All of my e-mails are caught up!  It’s a very good feeling!
  • I’m listening to Missy Elliot!  It’s just bringing back nostalgia from when I was  a youngin’.  I told my friend Ebony we need to spend a day watching her videos and learning some of those moves!
  • I finally have a day off!  My part time job turned into a full time this week, as I’m running relief for a manager who is on vacation.  This means over 50 hours working this week.  WHEW!
Are you having a good day?  If not, choose to start having one now.  What are some things that are making YOU feel GOOD today?!  (:

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  1. That sounds like some awesome reasons to feel amazing! ;D
    And thanks for mentioning those blogs, I love discovering new fun and inspiring blogs.

    Have a fantastic day Handsome! xo

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