Merging in process. Lots of new stuff for your fabulous eyez. (:


Since is getting further and further neglected (I’ve still yet to arrange a meeting with my web dude to get that shit under control), I know many of you have just recently joined me, and perhaps you didn’t even know existed.  Well, currently it’s just “collecting dust.”  My lifestream has made itself to the front page.  At first I thought I might keep for my personal blog, and keep strictly PMA and fabulous articles here, but I think I might fully merge over here.  Regardless, there are a lot of great articles I would like to share with my new readers, and also get them posted to The Radical Uprise.

SO!  That said – forgive me, loyal readers, if you see some repeat posts from months and months ago.  (;  I hope you understand, and I hope you enjoy reading them a second time.  That’s the “bad” news (not too “bad,” eh?).  The good news – for the next few days (and weeks, even), The Radical Uprise will be getting several articles posted a week, many of them will be new to a lot of you (or if you have a bad memory, they will seem just as new!)

This should be interesting for myself, also – to read past articles and maybe even stir up some inspiration for future articles.  Thanks, as usual, for all of your continued support.  Basically, I have the greatest readers ever and I am so thankful for that.  (:

Mad love.

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