Seven ways to kick this week’s ass!

  • Nix the plans.  Take it easy this week.  Don’t commit to anything, and just live in the moment.
  • Get rid of five things every day.  Go through your closets and junk drawers and clear clutter.  Donate your old stuff to shelters, thrift stores, give it to a friend or find a way to recycle it.
  • Drop it.  In an argument, be the bigger person and just stop.  Don’t draw things out any more than they need to be.
  • “It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are.”  – E.E. Cummings

| Source : We Heart It |

  • Wake up in the morning with purpose.  Announce what your purpose is for the day upon getting out of bed, whether it’s to simply have fun, or tackle a large project.
  • Start saving and having fun.   Sign up for companies that offer daily deals such as Living Social.  Make this spring and summer entertaining and fun – for less.  (:
  • Send an anonymous note to someone.  Whether it be a cute card or small hand-written note, send something to someone to make their day.  My address is PO Box 758 | Batavia, OH 45103.  Just putting that out there. (;

Wishing you an absolutely beautiful week!  Make it the best ever.  xx


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  1. You’ve described my perfect week.

    Nice… I am on the floor for that E.E. Cummings quote. It was really inspiring for me about two weeks ago, so to find it here is awesome, but no surprise.

    I like the picture of the kid with his skateboard. To me the image says so much about growing up… I wonder if we could say that: In the end, we’re all just kids who want to be big enough to use our skateboards properly…

    Keep up the good work.

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