Happy Gratituesday. (:


Good day! Let’s express some gratitude and appreciation, shall we?

  • My room. I just love it.  It’s my own little cave and work space.  Before I got this place with Stephen, I was living with four dudes, sleeping on a couch in a two bedroom apartment.  It was interesting to say the least.  But hey, it was an experience.  I love that I have my own room, and can decorate it how I please.  I love waking up in my bed, with the sun coming through the blinds.  I love it here.  (:
  • My readers/followers. I keep accumulating more and more, and I love what each and every one of you have to say!  I must get the most kind and genuine messages ever.  It keeps me going, and I am so thankful for that.

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  • Meeting new people. I love the excitement of meeting someone new.  I enjoy discovering people’s interests, pet peeves, and personality traits.  It’s so much fun.  I’m grateful for the chance to meet so many great people on a daily basis!
  • Sales!  Sales!  Sales! My Etsy shop has been thriving lately, and I’m hoping my sexy new banner brings all the kids to the yard (to buy my goods, of course!).  I’m so grateful for every sale I get.  Everytime PayPal chimes in on my phone, I do a little celebratory dance.  It is vital for me to make $600 by the end of the month, so if you wanna chip in, go right ahead.  (;

Appreciating the little things. Texting cute girls. | Depeche Mode. | Ambrosia Plum tea. |  The rain. | Hanging out in my underwear all day. |  Gorillaz. | My hairy pits. | Walks in the park. | The sound of dirt getting sucked up in the vacuum. | Reading. | Screen printing. | Day dreaming. | Inner lip tattoos. | Getting tattoos in general. | Flirting with straight girls. | Geocaching. | Pizza. | Photoshop. | Texts from Mom. | Stuff in my PO Box. | Reconnecting with old friends. | Being single. | Sushi for breakfast. | My cozy zebra print blanket. | Affirmation cards. |




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