The Radical Uprise Giveaway #004 : 501 Things to do if you dare by Ben Malisow


This is a fun one.  Fight boredom with the risk of getting arrested – or seriously injured!  Okay, so maybe not everything in this book is that intense, but it is pretty fun.  (:  501 Things to do if you dare, written by Ben Malisow, is described as “Dangerous hobbies for fearless people,” and it could be yours.  Simply comment and you’re entered to win. A winner will be chosen on Friday, April 15.

No purchase necessary.  No reblogging, retweeting or sharing with friends.  No need to pay for shipping.  Here are the (very few) “rules and regulations.”

  • Comment this post. That’s all you have to do.  No amount of begging will up your chances, as the drawing will be 100% randomly generated.  Be sure to include your e-mail address so I can contact the winner and get your mailing address.
  • Read & sign the book. Sign your name on the inside.  Write comments.  Make notes throughout your reading.  It’s yours.
  • Pass it on. It would be super rad if you came back to the original article and contacted another people who commented and ship it off to them, but it’s your choice, really.  Just keep it going.  Try to finish the book within a month.

Good luck, all!  (:

ALSO – New stuff sprouting up in the Etsy shop (and lots more to come).  I encourage you to check it out.

I will be running a “secret” sale through Friday as well.  Buy FIVE badges, get TWO FREE. Simply state which two you would like in the “Message to seller” section upon check-out.  Happy shopping!

Comment away!  Good luck to those who participate.  (:


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  1. oh! oh! loved it! I’m a lesbian, sagittarius and CRAZY girl, I’de diffidently do whatever that book says 😀 bring it on!
    and good luck for yall 😉
    thanks for this chance, it’s absolutely random and cool ❤

  2. That books seems pretty wonderful! Would you ship to Canada? If so then I’d definitely love to win! Perhaps it could reduce the amount of boredom in my life. I just might not do the ones that could result in being arrested. That wouldn’t be very fun.

  3. Why does it have to be 501? At the last minute did someone go, “Jenkins! I just thought of the perfect idea for the book.” Jenkins replies, “but boss, you said 500 was the limit.” To which the boss said, “I haven’t the slightest idea of what you’re talking about– go get donuts!”

  4. Hey Jetta this is an awesome idea!
    Also, as a side note I’d like to tell you that since discovering and researching PMA after listening to you talk about it- my life has become so much happier.
    My family seems to have use stress problems, and my sister harms herself. Last night she was in another teary state- and I told her about PMA to make her see her situation in a different way. I Haven’t seen her smile like that in ages. I think now she will try and be more positive too.

    Thankyou, for just being you!

  5. Sorry I missed this– I would have liked the chance to try to win.

    Tell you what: if you want to do another giveaway, I will send you a copy of the original version, 1,001 Things To Do If You Dare, and you can offer that one, with the same terms.

    Great site. You rock. Glad you dug the book.

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