If you feel it, you are it.


I recently got The Law of Attraction in Action by Esther and Jerry Hicks from Netflix yesterday and I wanted to talk for a quick moment about one thing in particular that’s stuck with me.  After watching the DVD through the first time, I actually restarted it, and let it play in the background as I worked on badges for my Etsy shop.  I’m trying to soak up everything I possibly can.  It’s actually playing right now, as I write this, and to be honest, I will probably restart it when it’s through.

Abraham says something along the lines of if you think you are something, you are that thing you are thinking.  Our thoughts become things.  It’s the law of attraction.  If you think positive, you project positive.  You omit positive.  You receive positive.  The same goes for negative thoughts and emotions.  One of the steps of the law of attraction is to believe.  Be open to receive.  By feeling and breathing and acting and thinking like you are/have that one particular thing, you are open to receiving that thing.

  • If you feel rich, you are rich.
  • If you feel poor, you are poor.
  • If you feel fat, you are fat.
  • If you feel skinny, you are skinny.
  • If you feel ugly, you are ugly.
  • If you feel attractive, you are attractive.
  • If you feel shy, you are shy.
  • If you feel outgoing, you are outgoing.
  • If you feel brave, you are brave.
  • If you feel scared, you are scared.
  • If you feel happy, you are happy.
  • If you feel angry, you are angry.
  • If you feel sad, you are sad.
  • If you feel excited, you are excited.
  • If you feel strong, you are strong.
  • If you feel weak, you are weak.
  • If you feel healthy, you are healthy.
  • If you feel ill, you are ill.
  • If you feel proud, you are proud.
  • If you feel ashamed, you are ashamed.
  • If you feel important, you are important.
  • If you feel insignificant, you are insignificant.
  • If you feel peaceful, you are peaceful.
  • If you are anxious, you are anxious.

If you feel it, you are it – so think positively.  Feel positively.  Live positively.



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  1. I had never thought about it, but from now on I’m going to change my way of thinking…
    Thanks Jetta, you made me see things from another perspective ❤

  2. I’m going to try to watch this today. Everytime I feel my mood slipping, I pop in The Secret and it just reminds me that, like you said, “thoughts become things.” I have to wake up every morning and CHOSE to be happy…no one else is going to make that decision for me. Thanks for the post!

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