Seven ways to kick this week’s ass.


Hello, hello, hello!  Happy Sunday, TRU beings!  Let’s make this week a fantastic one, shall we?

  • Learn to nix ableist language. It’s rude and offensive, and dropping it allows you to expand your vocabulary.
  • Give up the energy drinks. I might swear off energy drinks for good.  I had the most scary and upsetting experience on Friday evening, when I nearly had a heart attack.  Literally.  Between hallucinations, high heart rate and a numb left arm, I was scared for my life.  Granted, I (irresponsibly) drank three in one hour on a empty stomach, I really paid for it.  It was probably one of the most upsetting and uncomfortable feelings in the world.  Do it for your health.  Go eat an apple instead.
  • Learn to properly eat with chopsticks. Alex, this one goes out to you.  No need for your hand to look like a claw machine.  Believe it or not, there actually is a correct way to use chopsticks.  Then, go book a sushi date with a friend or lover.

  • Ask your Mom (or Grandma or Aunt, etc) for her favorite family recipe. Cook it for your loved ones this week.  Keep secret family recipes moving down generations.
  • Plant more flowers than you pick. It’s just a good rule of thumb.
  • Don’t live with your brakes on. Turn those suckers off every now and then, will ya?
  • Leave happy notes in random books at the library. Leave notes in between pages – something that will make someone smile when they turn the page.

Wouldn’t it be nice if this week was your best one yet? (:


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