Vigor thoughts.


It’s the weekend, and you know what that means!  Parties, going out, getting hyphy – or in my case, working, writing, working some more and stuffing my face.  Regardless – Party Hard!  It’s time to get those creative energies flowing and get your mind in the game.  Let’s make some magick, shall we?

Here’s a few affirmations to help to get the flow going.  Recite them all throughout the day.  Jot them down on post-it notes and stick them all over.  Create affirmations of your own!

  • I choose to feel good about myself every day! I am surrounded by choices every day, and I choose to feel good!
  • I am confident and empowered! I walk around with pride and dignity, and my confidence shines brightly.
  • I keep my thoughts positive! I have much to be positive about, and being positive allows MORE positivity to flow towards me!
  • I deserve the absolute best! I am open to receiving all of the abundance this world has to offer!
  • I see the best in everyone! I help my friends and family bring out their best qualities and we shine together!

Wishing you an utterly fabulous weekend.  xx



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  1. Wow after really reading this (many many time) the words have kind of stuck in my head. I’ve always had this negative out look on life. but after watching our videos and reading your blogs and stuff, you’ve giving me a different window to look out of. I think I’m going to try to be more positive.

    • This is so great to hear! (: It can be a struggle at first, but once you allow the good into your life, you will realize how easy it flows. Write down some affirmations and repeat them all throughout the day. Write them on your mirror, post-it notes in your car or at your work, on book marks, everything you will see them numerous times a day. You will be surprised how you will start to believe these things after some time. (: Best of luck to you! xx

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