An insatiable thirst for knowledge.


I think it’s so important to constantly be filling your noggin with information.  Learning is extremely vital to keep our brains thinking and working.  The past few weeks, I’ve had this insatiable thirst for knowledge I can’t quite describe.  I want to know everything.  I want to know how things work, how things are made, who’s who and how they changed what, etc.  I’ve considered going back to school.  I just think learning is such a vital part of life.

Learning is a very important source of motivation and stimulation.  I believe there is something so gratifying about learning something new.  I know I always feel accomplished, and just plain more wise.  It’s a good feeling.  I know it may be a little cliche, but I suppose it’s cliche for a reason – it’s true.  “If you don’t use it, you lose it.”  If you are a couch potato, stuck in front of the TV, watching reruns of shitty sitcoms, your brain isn’t getting any real, genuine stimulation.  It’s like eating a bunch of processed junk food.  Sure, you’re eating (you may “learn” about the characters of the show), but it’s nothing quality.  You aren’t challenging yourself.  You aren’t taking anything from this act, and it’s all over-processed, useless junk.

On top of personal development, things are constantly changing, which is why it’s inevitable that we much constantly be learning.  For example, there’s no doubt about it – it’s the iGeneration.  Everything is eThis and iThat.  We can pay our electric bill on our cell phone while we’re at the dentist.  We can make reservations and appointments with a quick swipe and click.  There’s no longer a need for paper bills, as we can receive them in e-mails, or get updates sent to our phone.  However, there are some people who aren’t willing or ready to jump on board.  Here’s the deal – the world is constantly progressing and changing, and if you’re not willing to learn these new gadgets and applications, you just may get left behind.  It’s necessary.

Try to learn something new every week.  Learn how to change the oil in your car.  Learn about what significant events took place in your birth year.  Learn sign language.  Learn how to do a back bend.  Learn how to play rummy.  Fill your head with knowledge whenever possible.  (:


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  1. Playing rummy is a talent. when ever i got time i use to watch the game. while watching i come to know these person having the high concentration and memory power. Now i got an interest to play rummy. I got a nice tips from you … thanks

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